Red : with GYROPERFO
Blue : without GYROPERFO

The GYROPERFO is a clever electronic device worked out only for running together with the world famous ROTAX 914 engine processor. This system increases the power produced and generates a quickacting torque (120 HP, to be set).

Made in France, the GYROPERFO case takes advantage of a high technology in which SMD (Surface Mounted Device) components are integrated; the weight and the shape of each part are managed at the best.

The GYROPERFO system improves the performance of the engine turbocharged and let this one work in complete safety : this tiny device optimizes the data transmission between the ROTAX main processor, the turbogenerator and the regulation system which manages the fuel flow in both carburetors.

The user of the GYROPERFO case needs only a few minutes for the setting up as it is a simple ‘plug & play’ connection. Indeed, original ROTAX connecting parts are used; neither some welding operation nor some modification of the cabling are not required. This trick will also allow the user to remove later the famous device as quick as easy in order to let the engine run in its original setting without leaving no data track in the ROTAX TCU (Transmission Control Unit) memory as well as letting know no suspicion of some former connexions with the engine processor.

The GYROPERFO technology is a high one indeed, very reliable and widely distributed in the world of the Automotive Industry. How does it work ? The GYROPERFO case – it looks like a box of matches – is inserted between the engine and the computing devices of the ROTAX 914 Engine. The running of the GYROPERFO does not modify the original processor functions. It only reads signals sent by the engine processor to the supply system and uses them to optimize the boost pressure and the fuel flow. The increase of power occurs only in the full gas phase, so called the “105% Power Rate ”; this characteristic let the power level be the same when the cruising speed is used so that the GYROPERFO device does not tamper with the TBO (Time Between Overhaul) value set at 2.000 hours !

In practice, the GYROPERFO system runs only when the pilot needs more power (a 5 minutes non-stop working period regulated by the TCU), e.g. for a take-off procedure, when a greater rate of climb is required in safety or to expedite a normal climbing procedure.

In brief, the best of GYROPERFO device :

- a greater available aerodynamic push/pull resultant with the same initial pitch value of the propeller;
- Economy of fuel by increasing the pitch of the propeller. At the same cruising speed, the engine working conditions will be lower and you will keep the same rate of climb as the one got before the GYROPERFO case has been put into service.